How It Works

A guide on how to feature someone on this platform

  • 1. Have a message/story

    Create your account and write a message about him or her ( parents, siblings, friends, stranger, relative, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, husband..). Your message( birthday, quick recovery, best wishes, thank you..) will recognize, appreciate and uplift their moods.

  • 2. Write Your Message

    Create your message in form of text, images, videos, audios or mix them. Decide whether it should be password protected or open for all. We shall send a password to the recipient for Password protected messages. Indicate some parts of your name Example; From: Alex Mesh…..M. To: Marylin Nyam…….K. Indicate recipient’s Phone Number(will be kept private), we shall use it to alert the recipient about your message.

  • 3. Delivery to Recipient

    We shall inform the recipient about your message via the phone number you will have provided by calling. The recipient will get a text message from us with the link and password to access your message.


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